David Yunker, Realtor

ABOUT ME: Licensed in 1985 right out of school this was my chosen profession. As it turned out (some 30+ years later) I can say that that decission was a perfect fit for me. Having grown up in the housing industry (my father Charlie Yunker designed and built custom homes, some of which are noted mid century modern designs coveted today. (https://www.facebook.com/groups/447014385359906/) I was already familar with the building process, architectural styles and terminology and could assist buyers and sellers on making the right decisions for themselves. Here is a quick link to Prospect area homes for sale.

MY BUSINESS: Having settled in Prospect and built a home in 1996 with my wife (Charlie Yunker designed and built) The greater Prospect area became my area of expertise. (https://prospectky.us/) The bulk of my business today is focused in the US Highway 42 corridor. Having assisted buyers and sellers all over the metro during my long carrer, I gladly work outside of those boundaries but will referr you to a specialist in your desired area if I am not the best person to serve you. Consider me a Specialized Boutique Operator as I have no interest in being all things to all people. Having specialized in the US 42 corridor, you can rely on my rich experience in this area.

WHO I AM: Outside of my Real Estate business I am an Adventure Motorcycle Enthusist. I like to travel off the beaten path accross this great land of ours and am now exploring foreign lands accross the globe. September 2018 I had the great fortune of hooking up with Ecuadoor Freedom Bike Rental (https://freedombikerental.com/) and explored for 10 days this amazing South American Country. March 2019 I am headed to Vietnam for another motorcycle adventure; while there I am going to take some kiteboarding lessons. (This trip was derailed by Coronavirus) I am always in the planning stage for the next big adventure. 

We have 2 grown children and are now empty nesters.